23 Warner Street
Newport, RI 02840
(401) 846 0001


Born July 6, 1943 in town Bohumin, Czechoslovakia
Naturalized US citizen since 1994
Married since May 1963
Wife Miroslava, 1944
Son Richard, 1970


* Video & Film Producer, Director, Camera, Animation Graphics, Script Writer
* Multimedia and Web Site producer, designer.
* Master Builder, Building Contractor, Civil Engineer, Designer, Planner, Coordinator
* Writer and Lecturer
* Sailing Master, Boat Designer and Builder, Marine Surveyor, Marine Consultant
* Radio Communication, Ships Radio Station Operator and HAM
* Businessman and professional ocean racing sailor.


* Self-educated in computer hardware, programming, video and multimedia production and 3-D graphics with computer editing, desktop video, desktop publishing, computer graphics, video compression, CD-ROM production, etc., 1985-1997
* Amateur General Radio Operator, USA, KA 1 MTS, 1986
* Amateur General Radio Operator, Czechoslovakia, OK 2 BRT, OK 4 BRT, Praha 1976
* Small Vessel Master Certificate for Czechoslovakian Intercoastal Waters, and Elbe-Moldau and Danube Rivers, 1976
* Ship's Radio Officer License, Third Class, Czechoslovakia, 1972
* Sailing Master - Blue Water Captain Diploma, qualification with no restriction on sailing vessels, Czechoslovakia, Praha 1971
* Yacht Master of Baltic Sea, PZZ, Poland Warsaw, 1966-1970
* Second Class Yachting Trainer (Coach-Instructor), Czechoslovakian Central Committee of Sports, Praha,1967-1969
* One year army training school during mandatory 26 months long army service, Rank: Sergeant in the reserve, 1963-1965
* Post-graduate study: Advanced Economics and Civil Engineering Technology, 1963-1965
* Technical College, 1959-1963, Specialized in industrial construction. Thesis: The complete design of 300-bed hospital.
This design was used in actual construction.
* Trade School, Masonry program with specialization in heavy industry/foundry, 1957-1960


Fluently in speaking and writing: Czech, Polish, and English.
My one time fluency in Russian has been slowly degenerating due to lack of use. Full comprehension in listening and reading of Slovak language.


Born in Czechoslovakia on July 6, 1943. During my study years I was involved in many sports like running, skiing, shooting, gymnastics, judo, but primarily sailing. From 1959 trough 1966 I won over forty different sailing races, and I held championship titles of the North Moravia District in my native homeland for seven consecutive years.

From 1963 to 1972, I worked as a civil engineer, supervising and coordinating the construction of several chemical plants.

For the next ten years, I developed a growing reputation as a world class sailor, earning honor upon honor. I became a celebrity and hero in my homeland. In June 1982, after two years of futile attempts to obtain government permission for my next international sailing activities, and expecting further restrictions on my publishing work, as well as radio and television appearances, I decided to leave from Czechoslovakia. With my family we crossed the border between Czechoslovakia and Poland during Poland's Marshal Law, and we managed to set sail from Szczecin, Poland, bound for Newport, RI. We arrived in Newport just a few days before the start of the first Solo Around the World Sailing Race - The BOC Challenge. Requesting political asylum in the United States for my family, I set sail for this world class competition, for which I was already getting ready for the past two years.

Despite the complications caused by our defection, which left me without sponsorship and virtually penniless, I pressed on regardless, finishing third (winning two of four legs) in my class with five world records against almost insurmountable odds.

The Race took 10 months and shortly after finishing it, our political asylum was granted by U.S. Government and we settled in Newport, Rhode Island. Limited by our status at that time, I started work for a building company but three months later I started my own construction business doing remodeling, redesign and general maintenance. Almost immediately we purchased two family house, the repair and remodeling of which absorbed a lot of my free time.

Soon after, I started a second business, Seven Oceans Sailing, doing marine survey, consulting, lecturing, boat design and teaching sailing. For some time I was also teaching sailing at the private St. George School in Newport.

In 1985 I was involved in promotion of Stroh's beer Signature. My sailing achievements were a base for 8-page color picture insert. More than 17,000,000 copies were part of magazines like Time, Newsweek, Esquire, Golf, Tennis, Runner, Field & Stream and many others.

In 1986/87 I took part in second BOC Challenge - Solo Around the World Sailing Race. Despite great achievements and exposure during the previous race, I was unable to find sponsorship. In the end I sailed on my old boat and on my family’s budged. The race lasted 10 months.

The boat was the heaviest in the fleet and shortest on the water line with next to impossible chance at winning. Despite this, I cut 41 days off my previous solo-circumnavigation time and improved all my previous five world records in sailing. I finished fifth with good material for my future books.

During this race I was pioneering computer-to-computer communication via radio and satellite. My stories were accessible on CompuServe. Over 300 schools were using them for educational purposes. Data General, Inc donated basic computer equipment.

By the end of 1987 I created Seven Oceans Video mail ordering business with over 900 video titles on boating. I am still selling and renting videos nationwide.

In 1990 I finished the construction of video and multimedia production studio. My business was changing more to production if instructional videos and commercials. My major clients were Westinghouse, S.A.I.C., US Navy, Tourinwest, Salve University, J-Boats, Media Pro, some TV Stations, mainly in Europe, and other local businesses.

Early 1992 a gas explosion and fire liquidated our residence and business. The loss was very hard due to inadequate insurance of the business. Therefore I had no different choice, than to recover solely by my own hard work and my family’s helping hand. It took four years to get back on track.

Today, I have again fully equipped video and multimedia production studio. I am again capable of creating TV programs, instructional videos, commercials, interactive CD-ROM, 3-D animations and so on. I am already producing for my old clients like Salve University, S.A.I.C., K.P.M.G., W.I.M.C.O., US Navy and others. Also, I am working on rewriting and translating my old books and I am writing a new one as well. For this I am using traditional desktop publishing as well as the latest electronic technology like CD-ROM, DVD and WWW publishing.

Last year I finalized the process of full feature film production covering BOC Challenge 1991/92. This year I produced the video title "Newport from Above", covering my hometown from the air. I am also webmastering two web sites of my own.


1986/87 BOC Singlehanded Race Around the World.

This was the second time I participated in this race. This international competition had 25 entries from 11 countries. The course was almost 28,000 nautical miles long from Newport, RI to Cape Town, South Africa to Sydney, Australia to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and back to Newport. I was the only competitor to take part in the same old boat, which was the shortest (slower) on waterline and second heaviest in the whole fleet. I had no sponsorship and of course limited equipment and limited funds. I finished fifth, cutting 41 days from my previous solo circumnavigation time, and improved all five of my world sailing records. Finishing the race, I was the first man to do real solo circumnavigation three times and the first Czechoslovakian to solo circumnavigate the globe around all southernmost capes.

1982/83 BOC Singlehanded Race Around the World

This race covered 28,975 nautical miles in four legs from Newport to Cape Town to Sydney to Rio de Janiero and back to Newport. I finished 3rd in my class with actual elapsed sailing time of 203 days, 2 hours and 1 minute (better than the winner's time). I was also the Class 2 winner of two legs. However, an injury delayed my start from Cape Town by five days and a capsize in Southern Ocean that forced me to stop in Perth, deprived me of the first place. During the race I did 5 world sailing records. I become the second man to circumnavigate the world solo twice in both directions and the first European to do so.

1980 Observer Single-Handed Transatlantic Race.

This race covered more than three thousand miles from Plymouth, England to Newport, Rhode Island. The fleet was comprised of 90 entrants in three divisions. Unusual weather favored the multihulls and the first five boats to finish were trimarans. My monohull finished 9th overall and 4th in her class of 46 boats. My crossing time of 21 days and 6 hours surpassed any monohull record in any previous singlehanded race across the Atlantic.

1979 Parmelia Race

This race was held in memory of the historical voyage of the ship Parmelia that first brought European colonist to Australia in 1829. The race covered the distance from Plymouth, England to Perth, Australia with a stop at Cape Town, South Africa. In spite of problems with rigging and steering on a brand new boat, we made 4th best-corrected time. My whole crew from Czechoslovakia was ocean racing for the first time in their life.

1977 Baltic Solo Race

This is an international race organized by the Polish Yachting Association. I finished fourth on the chartered Polish yacht POLONEZ.

1976 Observer Single-Handed Transatlantic Race

My original homemade NIKE, a 24 footer was the second smallest boat in the race, CLUB MEDITERRANEE (240 feet) the longest. Continuous heavy gales and high seas caused nearly half the fleet to retire. Two lives were lost. Of 125 entrants, I finished second on corrected time.

1972 Observer single-Handed Transatlantic Race

Nike was dismasted in severe weather conditions. I had to return back to England and after two weeks of repairs I was back in the race and finished 41st in a fleet of sixty and 7th on handicap.

1970 Baltic Sea Race

This race is run every year by the Polish Yachting association. I won the race this year.

1970 PTTK Baltic Sea Race

I finished third.

1959-1970 One Class Dinghy Racing.

I won over forty races in various classes.



Sailing boat (48ft Chay Lee ketch) delivery from Newport to Tortola BVI


Two weeks of sailing on the tall ship Pogoria on the Great Lakes.


An East-West Atlantic crossing. Completed with my wife Miroslava, son Richard and Polish fried Alfred Brodzinski. Start Szczecin, Poland with stops in Cuxhaven, Germany and Plymouth, England and finish at Newport, RI.

1980 Autumn-Winter

An West-East Atlantic crossing, from Wickford, RI to Szczecin, Poland with my wife Miroslava and son Richard aboard NIKE II. During this passage, we skirted three hurricanes and experienced severe icing conditions in the North Atlantic and Baltic Sea. (Stops: Newport and Block Island, U.S.A.; Azores, Portugal; Vigo, Camarinas, Muros and La Coruna, Spain; Falmouth, Fowey, Plymouth and Lymington, England; Cuxhaven, Kiel and Warnemunde, Germany.) My wife Miroslava was the first Czechoslovakian woman to sail across Atlantic and my son Richard the youngest Czechoslovakian to do so.


Cruising voyage from Perth, W. Australia to Plymouth, England via the Indian Ocean, the Red Sea, Suez Canal, Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic Ocean and English Channel. (Major stops: Cocos-Keeling Islands, Sri Lanka, Aden, Suez, Crete, Sicily, Algier, Gibraltar, Cherbourg.)


Solo qualification voyage on the Baltic Sea for the OSTAR 1980.


Maiden voyage and sea trial with NIKE II on the Baltic Sea with nine youngsters aged 10-14. Two girls and seven boys whom were selected by nationwide school and TV competition described their trip in many articles and several TV specials. NIKE II stopped at various ports of Poland, Soviet Union, Finland, and Sweden.


Double-handed West-East Atlantic crossing on board 24 foot long NIKE. Voyage began from Newport, RI, to Hamburg, Germany with many stops in U.S.A., Azores, England, and Germany.


Voyage with crew of two from Hamburg, Germany to Plymouth, England via the North Sea and English Channel. Major stops in the Netherlands.


Voyage with my wife Miroslava from Plymouth, England to Szczecin, Poland via English Channel, the North Sea, and the Baltic Sea. Major stops in England, Germany, and Poland.


I finished my first East-West solo circumnavigation in NIKE, a boat I had designed and built. NIKE was the second smallest yacht ever to have sailed around the world at that time. I covered 33,661 nautical miles during 342 sailing days. I made the return journey from Plymouth to Poland with my wife. At each stop we were greeted by enthusiastic crowds. In Poland a crowd of 10,000 cheering fans came out to greet us.

I was the first Czechoslovakian to solo circumnavigate the globe. Start and finish: Plymouth, England. Major stops: Newport-RI, New York, Bermuda Islands, Puerto Rico, Santo Domingo, Panama, Toboga, Isla del Coco, Galapagos Islands, Marquesas Islands, Tuamotu, Archipelagos, Tahiti and other Society Islands, Cook Islands, Tonga, Fiji, Loyality Islands, New Caledonia, Australia and Great Bariera Reef, Timor, Bali, Indonesia, Christmas Island, Cocos-Keeling Island, Rodriguez Island, Mauritius, Reunion, Madagascar, South Africa, St. Helena, Ascension, Azores, Plymouth-England.


Solo qualification voyage for OSTAR 1972. (From Poland via the Baltic Sea, Kattegat, Skaggerak, the North Sea to the vicinity of England, through Nord Ostsee Canal back to Poland.)


Maiden voyage of NIKE through the Baltic and North Sea, with stops in Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, West and East Germany.


Seven cruising voyages on the Baltic Sea from various Poland to Poland harbors.


* World record - fastest 24 hour run by any single-handed small monohull. Covered 247 miles from midnight to midnight on February 26, 1983.
* Third man in history and first European (excluding UK) to make single-handed circumnavigation twice. (West to east and east to west.)
* First man to real circumnavigate globe three times.
* World record - fastest 7 day run by a small single-handed monohull during a circumnavigation. Covered 1,403 miles from noon on April 20 to noon on April 27, 1983 with average daily runs of 200.43 nautical miles and average speed of 8.35 knots. Improved in 1986 on the same boat to 1,536 miles from December 9 to December 15, 1986 with average daily run of 219.42 miles and average speed of 9.14 knots.
* World record - first small monohull to exceed 200 miles a day over a period of not less than one week.
* World record - fastest 14 day run by a small singlehanded monohull during a circumnavigation. Covered 2,690 miles from noon April 17, 1983 to noon May 1, 1983. Average daily runs 192.21 miles, Average speed: 8.01 knots. Improved in 1986 to 3,040 nautical miles with average daily run of 217.14 miles and average speed of 9.05 knots on December 6 to December 19, 1986.
* World record - fastest 2,000 miles by a small monohull during a circumnavigation. Achieved 10 days 06 hours 03 minutes 38 seconds with average speed 8.13 knots and average daily run 195.12 miles. Made from April 21, to May 1, 1983. Improved in 1986 to 9 days 4 hours 21 minutes with average daily run of 217.92 miles and average speed of 9.08 knots no December 6 to December 15, 1986.
* World record - fastest 4,000 miles by a small monohull during a circumnavigation from April 5 to April 26, 1983. Achieved 21 days 16 hours 58 minutes with average speed 7.68 knots and average daily run 184.26 miles. Improved in 1986 on the same boat to 19 days 13 hours with average daily run of 204.72 miles and average speed of 8.56 knots on 36 feet waterline boat. Made on December 1 to December 19, 1986.
* One of the fastest singlehanded circumnavigations by a small monohull (36ft on water line) in history, covering a distance 29,200 miles in 172 days 06 hours and 41 minutes with an average daily run 169.52 miles and average speed of 7.06 knots.
* First Czechoslovakian to circumnavigate.
* First Czechoslovakian to round Cape Horn.
* First Czechoslovakian to circumnavigate in roaring forties around all southern most capes (during my third solo circumnavigation).
* Second smallest vessel in history to circumnavigate (at that time).


* People-To-People Sports recognition for representation of U.S.A. signed by President Ronald Regan, 1987
* Rhode Island State General Assembly recognition, 1987.
* Rhode Island State Honorary Citizen, 1983.
* Gold Medal of the Polish Yachting Association, 1994 (Second one).
* One of Ten best Czechoslovakian sportsmen for last 100 year, 1990.
* Honorary Member of Newport County Chamber of Commerce, 1972.
* Best Sailor of the year 1983. Trans-Ocean Trophy and Trans Ocean Silver Medal, West Germany, 1983. Highest award of the International Trans-Ocean Club.
* Best Sailor of the Year Award of the Polish Yachting Association, 1975.
* Honorary Member of Polish Yacht Club London, England, 1997.
* Honorary Member of Joseph Conrad Yacht Club, Chicago, 1989.
* Honorary Member, Slocum Society, U.S.A., 1976.
* Honorary Member, Moriak Yacht Club, Riga, Latvia, 1979.
* Best Sportsman of District of Karvina, Czechoslovakia, 1980
* Honorary Golden Medal PTTK, Poland, 1979
* Honorary Member, Goat Island Yacht Club, Newport, RI, 1976
* Silver Medal, 150th Anniversary of the founding of Western Australia, presented by Prime Minister of W. Australia Sir Charles Court, 1979.
* Silver Dolphin Trophy, for the OSTAR 1976, presented by Prime Minister of England Sir Edward Heath, 1976.
* One of Ten Best Sportsmen of the Year 1976 Award, Czechoslovak National Central Committee of Sports, 1976.
* Honorary Recognition for Representation, Czechoslovakia, 1976
* Czechoslovak Sportsman Award, 1978. Czechoslovak National Central Committee of Sports.
* Champion of Sports with Merit. The highest Czechoslovakian sports award, 1976
* Champion of Sports Award, The second highest Czechoslovakian sports award, 1975
* Best Sailor of the Year 1975, Czechoslovakia, National Yachting Association, 1975.
* National Geographic Society Life Membership, 1976
* Gold Medal of the Polish Yachting Association, 1975, Highest P.Y.A. award.
* Honorary Medal of Central Committee of Sports, Czechoslovakia, 1975.
* Honorary Citizen of Cape Town, South Africa, 1986.
* Honorary Citizen of the City of Szczecin, Poland, 1975.
* Honorary Citizen of the City of Swinoujscie, Poland, 1975.
* Honorary Member of the Stal Yacht Club, Szczecin, Poland, 1975.
* Honorary Member of Trans-Ocean Club, Cuxhaven, West Germany, 1975.
* Member of Singlehanded Sailor Club of Poland, 1975.
* Honorary Recognition for Development in Yachting, 80 years of Czechoslovak Yachting Anniversary, 1973
* Honorary Recognition of the Czechoslovak National Central Committee of Sports, 1972.
* Honorary Medal of District Karvina Assembly, Czechoslovakia, 1973.
* Honorary Recognition of the North Moravian District, Czechoslovakia, 1972.
* Honorary Recognition of the Polish Yachting Association, 1972

PUBLICATIONS (Written and published to date)

* ALONE ACROSS THE ATLANTIC, Gdansk, Poland, Wydawnictwo Morskie, 1983
* ADVENTURES CHRISTENED BY THE SEA, Prague, Czechoslovakia, Olympia Press, 1982 (Second overworked and extended edition).
* THE ATLANTIC, Bratislava, Slovakia, Sport Press, 1980
* ALONE ACROSS THE OCEANS, Bratislava, Slovakia, Sport Press, 1980.
* 360 DEGREE OF LONGITUDE UNDER THE SAILS, Ostrava, Czechoslovakia, Profil Press, 1978.
* ADVENTURES BAPTIZED BY THE SEA, Prague, Czechoslovakia, Olympia Press, 1976.
* ALONE AGAINST THE SEA, Prague, Czechoslovakia, Magnet press, 1973.
* COMPASSES FOR THE SHIPS, Karvina Czechoslovakia OV CSTV, 1969
* SIGNALIZATION, Karvina, Czechoslovakia, OV CSTV, 1969.
* ETIQUETTE FOR YACHTSMEN, Karvina, Czechoslovakia, OV CSTV, 1969.


Regular weekly column in the leading Czechoslovak newspaper Mlada Fronta since 1972.

Regular column in following newspapers: Tempo, since 1967, Ceskoslovensky Vojak, since 1973, Vodni Revue, since 1966, Stadion, since 1973, Sport, since 1973, Nova Svoboda, since 1967, Ostravsky Vecernik, since 1973.

Hundreds of articles in following newspapers and magazines: Lidova Demokracie, Zapisnik, Ceskoslovenske Letectvi, Zemedelske Noviny, Kvety, Rude Pravo, Karvinske Noviny, Svobodne Slovo, Pruboj, Rovnost, Pravda, Smena, Stadion, Smer, Kamarat, Pionyrske Noviny, Sedmicka, Pionyrska Stezka, Pochoden, Klapka, Mlady Svet, Glos Szczecinski, Zagle, Tygodnik Morski, Morze, Kurier Sportowy, Sztandart Mlodych, Spray, Sailing.


Over 1,100 lectures delivered in Czechoslovakia, Poland, West Germany, South Africa, England, Australia, U.S.A.


Several photo exhibitions in art museums, schools, and exhibit halls in Czechoslovakia.


Co-producer of over 30 TV films and serials in Czechoslovakia and Poland. Since 1971, averaged one monthly TV show or appearance in Czechoslovakia, Poland, West Germany, England, South Africa, Australia, U.S.A. Over 350-radio talk shows all over the World.


"Newport from Above", 30 minutes video - aerial view of Newport to enjoyable music.
Singlehanded Challenge of "Global Exposure", life story about Robin Davie and his part in the Solo Around the world Sailing Race - The BOC Challenge. 54 minutes video.
"A State of Hope", video about Irish immigration during the potato famine.
"Victoria's 1992 Around the World Challenge", promotional tape for Spain '92 Foundation.
Instructional video "How to Identify Stars & Planets".
Copyright and distribution right holder for video titles like "The Spirit of Malcom Miller", "The Making of a Crew", "The U.S. Coast Guard".

Numerous instructional videos, presentation titles, commercials, and other productions for clients like Westinghouse, Tourinwest, Spanish Government, Salve Regina University, S.A.I.C., W.I.M.C.O., Flynn Fisheries, Media Pro, US Navy, European and U.S.A. TV stations, and other, just to name few.


Designed and built Moth Class boats with many improvements resulting better racing performances.

Designed and built NIKE in 1968. A 24 foot yawl with 225 sq. feet of sail. In her time the second smallest boat to sail solo around the world. Distance covered : 41,000 nautical miles with an average daily run of over 100 miles.

Supervised design and construction of NIKE II. A 44 foot sloop with 800sq.feet of sail. Participated in the 11,000 mile Parmelia Race making fourth best corrected time. Race OSTAR 1980, fourth place in second Gypsy Moth Class, averaging 6.9 knots.

Redesigned and rebuilt NIKE II (renamed NIKE III) for participation in BOC Challenge, singlehanded around the world race 1982-83, covering 28,975 nautical miles at average daily run of 142.47 miles. During the race she established five world records on speed. She won two legs of total four in her class and finished in third place. She also won double-header race Bermuda-Newport 1985 and finished second in Solo Newport-Bermuda Race 1985.

Redesigned and rebuilt NIKE III (renamed Declaration of Independence) for BOC Challenge 1986/87, solo around the world sailing race. She improved all previous world records and she cut 41 days of her previous circumnavigation time. She solo circumnavigate the globe in 172 days with average speed over 7 knots. She is a first small boat under 50 feet to brake the barrier over 200 miles a day for period over the one week and later for period over 14 days, for more than 2,000 and 4,000 nautical miles.



* Trade School, Masonry program with specialization in heavy industry/foundry, 1957-1960
* Technical College, 1959-1963, Specialized in industrial construction. Thesis: The complete design of 300-bed hospital. This design was used in actual construction.
* Post-graduate study: Advanced Economics and Civil Engineering Technology, 1963-1965


1960-1963 Foreman on voluntary public construction projects like school, public restroom facilities, etc. and also performed a variety of construction related tasks (masonry, tailing, plastering, concrete, etc.)

1963-1965 Supervised production and assembly of heavy construction parts for coal mining industry as foreman, then later as production planner.

1965-1967 Maintenance technician of Lachema Chemical Factory. Responsible for planing, design and implementation for maintenance of the factory.

Also responsible for new construction. As chief master builder, I worked as a coordinator, consultant and supervisor for subcontract designers and other builders.

Major works include:

New chemical and regular sewage factory system.
New electrical underground cable system.
Factory communication roads.
Factory outdoor illumination.
Warehouse for flammable materials.
Underground war shelter.
Factory restaurant with dinning and social halls.
One of my responsibilities was to remake all technical drawings of actual construction, building, pipelines, wiring and etc., because original plans were destroyed during World War II.

1976-1975 Working as chief master builder for all new construction in Lachema Chemical Factory. My main responsibility was as liaison with production department, contractors and architects, and state offices. Securing equipment with long term delivery and handling contracts with building companies, quality and payment control.

During this period I built the following:

Steam plant with production of 22 tons of steam per hour.
The 22,000 kW transformer station.
Concrete chimney 250 ft high.
Chemical sewage treatment plant.
Chemical and regular sewage system.
Factory road system.
Siding factory train system.
Heavy oil storage (3 tanks, 40,000 cubic feet each with pumping, heating, security, and all accessory).
Factory warehouse system.
Electric underground cable system.
Outdoor lightning system.
Factory fences and security system.
Notice: All of the above was built on former swamp land.

1968-1969 Building contractor, built FEROPUR chemical plant for production of chemicals for deoxidizing system of steel plate sheating production. This production was highly explosive with special demands on construction and equipment.

1970-1972 Building contractor, built CISTE PLYNY, chemical plant to produce special gases to sterilize medical instruments for hospitals.

1963-1972 Civil designer, plans for houses and remodeling/reconstruction.

1983-1988 Owner of Old Moravian Construction, building contractor for remodeling and reconstruction, major works at Newport, Ocean Drive area.


1960-1963 Building supervisor for Ostrava-Privoz Town Public Utilities Building - built by students-volunters.
1965-1975 Member of City of Bohumin building department, (dealing with zoning and building permits).
1966-1967 Master builder City of Bohumin Park.
1968-1972 Sailing sport judge, third class, participating in numerous yachting competitions as a judge.
1968-1972 Member of district Karvina Committee of Sports.
1968-1972 Trainer II Class of yachting, voluntary works for TJ ZD Bohumin, district Karvina, and district North Moravia.
1969-1972 Master Builder, designer, building supervisor, Natural Swimming Pool for 3,000 people.
1969-1972 Master builder, City of Sunychel Supermarket.
1969-1972 Designer, master builder and financial supervisor, City of Bohumin Yachting Club building, utilities, storage, workshops and docks.
1965-1972 Designer and planer of City of Bohumin Housing Maintenace System.


Newport, June 1998

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