Envelopes with a single stamp.

This is the basic envelope with one of seven different stamps: Liberty, Bartholdi, Statue of Liberty, Public Education, Peary & Hanson, Greely or Stefansson & Cane stamp. On the average there are 150 envelopes of each stamp.

Each envelope was postmarked by Newport GPO on August 30, 1986, the day of the start, before being packed aboard the Declaration of Independence and sent to sail around the world in the second BOC Challenge1986/87.

Each envelope was postmarked again with the ship's stamp on the day of the finish of Declaration of Independence in Newport, May 12, 1987. Each was given a Paquebot stamp, a special stamp of authenticity and was personally signed by Richard Konkolski.

All envelopes come with a nice protective cover imprinted with the BOC course and information on the race, the crew and the boat.

Each envelope is available for $29.00 (postage fee included).

There were only six envelopes with the same stamp in the smallest group, therefore only six sets with the seven different envelopes could be created. One set is included in the single Complete Paquebot Set, so only five Single Stamp Sets are available for purchase.

Each set is available for $500.00

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