Envelopes with stamps from all stop-over places (USA, South Africa, Australia, and Brazil).

This most remarkable collection started out like Single Stamp Envelopes but had affixed, in addition to the U.S. Stamps, stamps of the different countries of each stop-over of the race.

An African stamp was added in Cape Town, South Africa and postmarked on the day of the start of the second leg (November 8, 1986) of the race. All South African stamps are identical.

An Australian stamp was affixed in Sydney, Australia and postmarked by the GPO on the day of the start of the third leg (January 17, 1987) of the race. All Australian stamps are identical.

A Brazilian stamp was added Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and postmarked in on the day of the start of the final leg (April 11, 1987) of the race. However, different Brazilian stamps were used, thus creating 144 different stamp configurations. There were from 5 to 99 envelopes in each group.

Each envelope was postmarked again with the ship's stamp on the day of the finish of Declaration of Independence in Newport, May 12, 1987. Each was given a Paquebot stamp, a special stamp of authenticity and was personally signed by Richard Konkolski.

All envelopes come with a nice protective cover imprinted with the BOC course and information on the race, the crew and the boat.

Each envelope is available for $45.00 (postage fee included).

There were only five Stop-Over Stamps Envelopes in the smallest group of identical stamp configuration so only five sets could be created. Unfortunately one of the envelopes from the smallest group was presented by mistake on the first day after the finish decreasing the possible sets to four. One set is included in the Complete Paguebot Set so only three Stop-Over Stamps Envelope Sets are available for purchase.

Each set has 144 envelopes with all possible stamp configurations. Sets comes in a binder.

Each set is available for $10,000.00

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