Thamakau.jpg (21390 bytes) Thamakau

A large, finely built, outrigger dugout canoe of the Fiji Islands. Used for inter-island travel. It is the finest type of sailing outrigger canoe known. Thamakau of l00 feet were known.  The hull is ovale in section. A washboard is added to each side. The outrigger or weather side of the hull is straight from stem to stern, while the lee side is bowed. A quarter of the length at each end is covered with removable hatches. Thirteen poles cross the central third of the hull, projecting about 2 feet on the off side and to varying lengths on the outrigger side. The two end and the central poles, or booms, are connected to the heavy float with two pairs of "V" connectives on each. Five poles are lashed fore and aft on the outrigger frame, three near the hull, and over the canoe is built a platform. A diagonal strut runs from the bow and stern to the lee corners of the platform.

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