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Cpt&OwneUKormidla.jpg (7836 bytes) Coronet is 133-foot schooner yacht. Built in 1885 in Brooklyn, New York  It is the oldest remaining grand yacht in the world. She was built for New York Yacht Club member Rupert Steven Bush.

CoronetUndSails.jpg (6740 bytes) In her career she sailed around the world twice, rounded the Horn four times and raced and cruised in every ocean on Earth.

34Cpt&OwneUKormidla.jpg (8621 bytes) Arthur Curtis James, a Newport resident and Commodore of NYYC bought Coronet in 1893.

18CrewonDeck.jpg (10235 bytes) He and his friends cruised with crew of twenty-one professional sailors.

19CofeeTable.jpg (7942 bytes) In 1896, Commodore James and Coronet took scientists from Amherst College to Japan for first joint American Japanese scientific expedition. The objective was to observe and photograph a total eclipse of the Sun.

Ukormidla.jpg (8047 bytes) Leaving from NY, Coronet sailed around Cape Horn, because the Panama Canal had not yet been completed.

CoronetAtAnchor.jpg (7028 bytes) They reached Yokohama in May in 1887. Scientists from Japanese Imperial Weather Bureau joined the Amherst professors in setting up an expedition camp.

vkresle.jpg (9910 bytes) After sailing for 8,000 miles to get there, the day of eclipse was cloudy and Coronet returned to New York without photographing the eclipse.

CoronetSailsBow.jpg (6039 bytes) Coronet is build of hard pine 3" thick and planks 14" wide. Instead of screws, Coronet is fastened with wooden pigs, which lasted for over 113 years.

23saloon.jpg (9285 bytes) Below deck, Coronet has the air of Victorian hotel. This photograph shows the only part of her interior that has been removed.During the restoration IYRS will reinstall marble staircase, the coal burning fireplace and the chandelier. The rest of Coronet's interior is original to 1885, complete with carved panels, edged mirrors, and velvet settees. She is a fascinating time machine in nearly original condition.

cannon.jpg (9003 bytes) After twenty years of racing and cruising under the NYYC flag, Coronet was purchased by a missionary society in 1905.

ForedeckUnderSails.jpg (9634 bytes) The Kingdom, the Christian organization used the Coronet to carry the gospel around the world for next ninety years.The Kingdom donated the Coronet to IYRS in 1995. Now it is to International Yacht Restoration School at Newport to restore this wonderful treasure.

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