William Dunn

William Dunn was one of the crew of Captain Thomas Pound, who in 1689 on August 8th,  sailed with five men and boy out of Boston as a passenger in a small vessel. Later, five other armed men joined them off Lovellís Island. Together they seized craft and Pound exposed his piratical desire.

They run alongside the first craft they met. It was fishing vessel and supposedly Pond lost his piratical courage and to the fishermen's surprise he bought mackerel for eight pennies.

Then he sailed to Falmouth, Maine, where joined him corporal and soldiers who deserted local fort during night. Then they attacked the sloop Good Speed off Cape Cod and later the brigantine Merrimack, and as well as few other prizes.

Meantime the Bostonís Governor learned about Poundís activities, and sent an armed sloop Mary in search for new pirate in region. Captain Pound and his crew was discovered in Tauparlin Cove and after heavy fight taken into Boston. Captain Pond was during fight shot in arm and side.

The trial took place on January 13th, 1690. Pond was found guilty, but reprieved. Then he was sent to England, where he was later liberated and later he even got command of a ship, Forty three years later, in 1703, he died in England.

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