Captain Oliver La Bouse or DE LA BOUCHE, French pirate

Captain Oliver La Bouse was commanding fourteen guns French pirate ship with sixty-four crewmembers, half French half blacks. He already hoisted his Black Flag and almost attacked Captain Howel Davis, who was resting with his crew after they attacked and sacked the fort at Gambia.

Captain Davis and his crew got ready for fight after seeing approaching sails, but seeing pirate flag the up-coming fight turned in friendly party. Both captains then agreed to sail down the coast together. Arriving at Sierra Leone, they fired broadside at tall ship at anchor, when she hoisted also Black Flag. The ship was commanded by pirate Captain Cocklyn.

They drink together for two days and on third day they together attacked and took African Company’s Fort. But friendship did not last long. The captains quarreled and each went his own way.

Captain La Bouse was at New Providence Island in year of 1718 and in year 1720 he commanded 250 tons ship Indian Queen with twenty-eight guns and ninety men crew. On sailing trip from Guinea Coast to the East Indies Captain La Bouse lost his ship near Madagascar on the Island of Mayotta.

Captain and about forty of his men start building a new ship and the rest of the crew left in canoes and joined pirates lead by Captain England at Johanna.

He was hanged at Reunion Island in 1730 - for his piracy.

Captain Oliver La Bouse thomb at Reunion Is.
© Photo Jean-Francois Quintin


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