Captain Jean LAFITTE

 Jean and his brother Pierre were known blacksmiths in New Orleans around year 1809. But very soon they changed theirs job. They settled on Island of Grande Terre in Barataria Bay and started smuggling goods obtained from privateers men and pirates. The Island was inhabited by ex-pirates. One of them named Grambo was governing chief as long as he was shot by Jean Lafitte.

Governor of Louisiana declared Baratarians as pirates in 1813, but this did not stop smuggling activity. Then the Governor secured an indictment against Lafitte brothers, but they hired most expensive lawyers and were acquitted.

In 1814 the war was declared with England. English offered Jean a commission in the navy and a large sum of money, but he refused lurky invitation. Instead he offered service of himself and his fellow Baratarians to General Jackson and then they served guns exceptionally well in the Battle of Orleans.

 LafitteBoardingShip.jpg (28289 bytes)  Lafitte boarding a ship  LafitteClearingDesck.jpg (22436 bytes)  Lafitte clearing deck

After the war he quietly disappeared. In 1823 British sloop of war captured sixty men crew  pirate ship under the command of the famous Jean Lafitte. But Jean was one of those who been killed during fighting.

LafitteDeath.jpg (24056 bytes)   Lafitte's death

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