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Seven Oceans: North Atlantic Ocean - South Atlantic Ocean - North Pacific Ocean - South Pacific Ocean - Indian Ocean - Arctic Ocean - Southern Ocean

Maritime Books - Knihy sedmi moří
Solo Circumnavigation, Solo Sailing
& Solo Racing
  - Around Alone 1998/99
Information on solo around the world sailing and racing like on
BOC Challenge, Around Alone, Vendee Globe Challenge,

Solo Transatlantic Race, Solo Circumnavigations
Most Noted Pirates,
Buccaneers, Corsairs & Privateers
Sailing Ships
Circumnavigations Under Sails 
Each country first circumnavigation under sails
Maritime Discovery of the World 
Maritime Stamps & Mail - Paqueboat
Vzpomínky osamělého mořeplavce
in Czech language
Nike IV - proven 44' sailing boat  
with three successful circumnavigations under her keel

                Wining the start of the first BOC Challenge 1982 and leading whole fleet for solo around the world race.

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This website is dedicated to maritime subjects like sailing, solo sailing and racing, maritime discovery, ships, pirates, solo circumnavigation, ocean racing, ship mail, and maritime video. It is presented by  Richard Konkolski.  As ocean sailors, my main interest is in various maritime subjects that I would like to share with you.


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